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“We were created for each other.”

Anna Koroschetz, Founder

Who We Are

Marriage and Family Today is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping families communicate. We provide help and resources for couples entering into marriage, already married or those that have moved into the parenting world.

Every human has a longing for intimacy and spiritual bonding. We were created for each other. Marriage has survived through times of famine, wars, epidemics and every other circumstance and condition. We believe marriage can be brought back to the forefront and thrive again.

We believe that Marriage is the original God ordained institution, well before church and government. Every civilization has been built on marriage and the strength of society comes down to the strength of marriages and the family unit. In order for marriages to work, communication must be happening, without it, marriages will fail and in turn, societies will weaken.

What We Do

We want to be your partner in helping you build a strong family unit, whether it’s just you and your spouse or if you are a family with children. Marriage and raising a family can be hard, no one should go at it alone. That’s why we want to be there for you to help and encourage you on your family journey.

At Marriage and Family Today you will find tools and resources to help you communicate with your spouse and children. We are constantly improving the resources we offer and are developing new ones all the time.

When you and your spouse begin to communicate, your marriage will thrive. When your marriage thrives, the family unit strengthens. When families are strong, our communities come together and start rebuilding love for each other.

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