Classic Manners All Kids Should Know


What is the problem with lack of manners today? Is it really a lack of something, or are we changing as a society where we just don’t need to be polite, courteous and kind anymore. Is respect a thing of the past? Is accepting each other’s differences long gone?

Will our children’s lives and futures be affected from a lack of manners?


Good manners and even good behavior seems like a thing of the past. It’s almost gone out of style in the United States. Manners and behavior is not something that should go out of style. Do you notice that just about everyone around you that is treated rudely responds in a negative way? Surely you’ve seen some outrageous behavior lately with airlines showing extreme behavior that have gone viral on social media. It’s a little bit of a scary world of manners out there!

Let’s give them a helping hand by showing them the way. If we take them by the hand, as we always try to do, and instill these manners into them. Let them apply them everyday to real life, they will be forever changed.

We will have made a difference!

What’s Included in the Classic Manners All Kids Should Know?

  • 60 colorful pages
  • 25 Classic Manners
  • Printable Sleepover Checklist
  • Practical tips for helping teach your children the 25 manners
  • The History of manners
  • How the lack of manners can affect our children
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