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So many times we feel lost in this world and unable to identify who we really are. Many times we find ourselves acting one way in one situation or with one person, then acting completely different with others. Why is that? Who are we? If you want to identify the Authentic You, then this is the workshop for you.

  • Learn who you are by identifying your personality
  • How your personality affects your everyday life
  • How to relate to others
  • Why you do or act the way you do
  • Your emotional needs
  • Identify your weaknesses, Live in your strength
  • Live Authentically You
Authentically Me Workshop


Communication is one of the most problematic areas in marriage and number one reason for divorce. We are not taught during our engagement what marriage is really going to be like . Go back to the basics, and learn how to communicate with your spouse and watch your marriage flourish.

  • What does communication mean?
  • Why doesn't he/she listen?
  • Learn how you communicate.
  • Are you speaking each other's Love Language?


The Five Love Languages was introduced by Gary Chapman. He discovered that there are five main ways that we show and receive love. When we don't know what those are, we miss out a great deal on giving and receiving love in our relationships. Learn how to speak the right Love Language.

  • Love Language Assessment
  • Understanding the Five Love Languages
  • How to use the Five Love Languages in your home
  • Keep the Love Tank full
Are You Speaking My Love Language?
Hot Marriage Makeover


Have you lost steam in your marriage? Is there no longer a connection between you and your husband? Find out how to reignite the love and excitement in your marriage that will lead you to a Hot Marriage Makeover!

  • Commitment - What went wrong?
  • Communication - It's back to the basics
  • It's About Him
  • Finding the "Hot" in your Marriage
After The Honeymoon

After the Honeymoon

After the two-year honeymoon period is over, then what? Did you only plan for your wedding and not your marriage? Learn how to build, love and vow to a lasting marriage, and it all begins with you.

A Pathway to Wholeness

A new path to a whole life is easier than you think. Not only is it important to maintain your physical health, but to also work on your mental and emotional health. Learn easy and manageable steps for a better life.

Building Successful Teams

Having the right team is essential to the success of any project. But how do you build a good team when the right person is tasked with the wrong job? Learn how to find a perfect fit for everyone on your team.

SuperGirl Workshop

The perfect workshop for girls and their moms. Girls will learn the importance of who they are with fun activities and games. Moms will learn about the different personalities and how to relate to their daughters.

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